New Mother Gift Set


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Creams, balms, oils and salts selection. Please provide us with 2 weeks notice to prepare this for you.

An exquisite selection of new mother and baby products, suitable for using during pregnancy and after birth and from 3 months onwards for your new born.

A beautiful and unique gift to present to the new mother.

The full collection is priced at £100 and contains £110 worth of products attractively packaged in a gift set. Sold with an extra 10% discount if purchased with a treatment voucher.

  • 200ml Mmm.. Lovely Body Oil for Mum- worth £15
  • 200ml  Zzz..Sleep Body Oil for Little one – worth £15
  • 200g Me-Time Relax Bath Salts for mum – worth £15
  • 200g Splish Splashy Bath Salts for little one – worth £15
  • 200g So Kind Cream for mum / or a balm – worth £25
  • 200g Soft and Gentle Cream for Little One / or a balm – worth £25

We can prepare a range of packs and sizes to suit your budget – just speak to us.