Are the words “Natural” and “Bear” a little misused?

Are the words “Natural” and “Bear” a little misused?

From the viewpoint of legislation (or lack of..for this word), natural can just about mean anything!!

But hold on…. more importantly, how does the word natural make you feel about a product? Perhaps it makes us relate to our koala who lives out in nature swinging on trees!

Well unfortunately cosmetics are little more sinister. Many suppliers who use the word “natural” use chemicals that are far from. The word is quite misused both in the field of cosmetics and of food!

When it comes to Spa Isha Aromatherapy, the word natural means as little processed as possible and with no unnecessary added ingredients. That’s why we particularly love aromatherapy oils, cold pressed oils, and floral waters !

…and a Koala prefer aromatherapy too, and happily munches away lots of Eucalyptus leaves. And like the word “natural”, the word “bear” is a bit misused as well, as no, koalas are not really bears – so do not koala them that!

By Kalpna, Cosmetic Scientist at Spa Isha Aromaterapy.