Ear Treatments


Ear Piercing

Piercing is performed by a therapist trained in ear piercing. We use a set of sterile piercing earrings which are specially designed for new piercings, plus we will provide you with a bottle of ear care solution designed to maintain a healthy ear after the piercing.

Price: One Ear 
  Price: £10.00

Price: Two Ears     Price: £15.00

Hopi Ear Candling

Biosun candles are used to gently stimulate the wax in your ear. Our treatment is delivered by a therapist especially trained and experienced in this technique to ensure fully safety. The heat of the candle creates a column of warm air rising in the ear canal and this gently massages the ear drum, creating a gentle "whooshing" warming sensation. This may help ease sinuses and also may help to naturally decongest an un-naturally large buildup of ear wax.

Duration: 45 Mins 
    Price: £25.00